The Mediterranean Diet

The main culinary delights of the Romagna cuisine

It is official: the Mediterranean diet has finally become a part of UNESCO's cultural heritage, after its candidature was put forward by Italy, Spain and Greece. This is an important form of recognition for a tasty but healthy kind of diet.

his recognition honours Italian cuisine, but more specifically Romagna cuisine, which we endorse both due to our geographical location and to the fact that we approve of this kind of diet. Because of this recognition it is necessary for the people of Romagna to present to the world this simple type of cuisine and ensure that the products are locally sourced. We make a point of this as in our hotel we mainly offer Romagna cuisine, following in the footsteps of our mothers and aunts.

We have one main menu, which can be adapted to suit the dietary requirements of our guests. We pay particular attention to the needs of our young guests by bringing their lunch forward by an hour so we can prepare meals to suit their needs. We are against buffets which often offer the same product and force guests to stand in sometimes long and stressful queues.
Our philosophy is that there should be two hot side dishes per day and a rich salad to accompany a tasty, but not excessively seasoned, main meal.
We also believe that first course pasta sauces, with or without tomato sauce, should not boil for too long, with the exception of the good old "ragu", which is prepared with seasonal vegetables.

Fish dishes

One of the most important produces of our region

We believe that fish constitutes a very important part of our Mediterranean diet.
It is a unique product of our region, but there has been the tendency to overuse fish in the recent past. As experience has taught us, cooking fish every day is very difficult and in order to prepare excellent dishes you need to use a certain quality of fish and cooking it correctly requires time and dedication.

In our hotel we offer fish three times a week. We stopped using the "Pangasio" fish three years ago after having seen where it comes from and how it was produced. If we want to keep the standards of our tradition high, we need to be responsible, choosing the right fish and using high quality products.

Our greatest satisfaction is when numerous clients leave and say

"At home I often have problems with digestion. Here I have eaten with no problems at all, the only problem is I've put on a couple of pounds."

"The children have eaten things they wouldn't usually eat at home."

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