Safe holiday 2021

Give yourself a holiday at Hotel Belmar in Cattolica, always dedicated to hospitality of Romagna.
We took all sanitization procedures and measures required to make you spend a summer in safety.

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Safe holiday at Hotel Belmar

What’s new for your holidays in Cattolica always in the spirit of hospitality from Romagna

Spend a safe holiday at Hotel Belmar.
We have enhanced the hygiene measures at the hotel to give you a beach stay always in the name of our hospitality.

  • The rooms, common areas of the hotel and the coffee bar will be sanitized daily.
  • Cuisine will not change for summer 2021.
    We have always loved to pamper you at the table with typical dishes of the Romagna cuisine, performed just like it used to be. We will continue to let you taste the specialties of our main menu, with variations of your choice according to your needs and preferences, accompanied by salads or hot side dishes.
    You can enjoy our dishes in the restaurant area with tables adequately distanced from each other.
  • Rooms will be sanitized daily by our cleaning staff.
  • At the hotel and in the common areas you will find the hand sanitizing gel, for the safety of adults and children.
  • The lift will be sanitized by our staff and you will be only asked to get on the lift one at a time.
  • The distance between the beach umbrellas of our affiliated beach clubs is 16 square metres, beyond the minimum distance required.
  • Please do not forget a few simple and important gestures: wear the mask at the hotel, sanitize your hands and respect safety distances.


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