Simple and genuine, typical cuisine of Romagna

Discover our philosophy... We know how to whet your appetite!

The cuisine of Hotel Belmar means love for the flavours of the Mediterranean diet, for the good Italian food and the cooking traditions of the past linked to the region of Romagna.
Our philosophy? It finds its roots in tradition and reflects the open, friendly and sincere character of Romagna.
Don’t be surprised if, at every bite, it will be like stepping back in time! We will be able to move you with our authenticity, rolled-out pasta, seafood and meat dishes and the irreplaceable piadina or “pida” from Romagna.

My choice is simple and you will find a unique menu with variations of your choice according to your needs and flavours, accompanied by two warm side dishes and a good salad.
I am against buffets with the same products which make you tediously line up. I prefer to do the grocery shopping myself, choose carefully the ingredients and offer you always different appetizing courses.
Recipes are prepared just as it once was, with genuine and simple meals, full of taste and not too much elaborate… except for meat sauce. We prepare it following tradition, slowly, on low heat and with vegetables in season.

Fish will not be available daily, but three times a week. Do you know why? It is a unique product of the region that we value in each proposal… and I know that, to do it well, we need time and care, like my mother and aunt taught and handed it down to me.
And this choice has been confirmed by you, my greatest satisfaction!
“At home I usually find it difficult to digest while here I ate everything without trouble. The only problem is that I gained a few pounds.”

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Buffet breakfast with soft homemade desserts

We'll make your mouth water

When we cook we always put our heart into it... and every morning we love to surprise you with our sweet and savory buffet breakfast.

From 8 to 9.30 try our homemade desserts, soft, fragrant and genuine, waiting for a wide selection of cakes and tarts, croissants, donuts, pancakes, muffins or donuts and bomboloncini.
Accompany each proposal with jams, hazelnut cream, yogurt, cereals, biscuits, biscuits, fruit juices and express coffee served at the table.
You will also find bread, cold cuts and cheeses, the savory mix that is impossible to resist!

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Menus and proposals dedicated to children... We'll take care of it!

Also kids and teenagers will taste always different and delicious meals. We prepare a specific menu depending on age and, for the little ones, we usually anticipate lunch and dinner by one hour, so that mum and dad can relax and enjoy their meal.
"Kids ate things which they usually don't touch at home".

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Activities and hinterland of Romagna

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